Mondo Donna 2015-2016: Pianoterra is part of the technical-operative committee

2 Ottobre 2015

On October, 14th, 2015, at 5pm, the fourth edition of the series of meeting “Mondo Donna” will be inaugurated. The initiative is open to the public and is aimed at analyzing social and health issues to make people the main promoters of a healthies lifestyle, more correct and in the pursuit of well-being.

The new calendar, which will last until June 2016, is focused on the issue of “MYTHS”. Ten meetings to debunk the false beliefs around the main health topics.

We often act moved by convictions lacking any scientific basis, with consequences on our health and, in some cases, on that of our loved ones. Internet, television, newspapers… the truth is that among so many media finding the answers to our questions is not always easy, so we often ask friends and relatives, sometimes getting wrong or not entirely correct information.

With the initiative “Mondo Donna”, Mediterranea aims at creating a point of meeting between citizens, experts and associatio to confront and find out controlled and correct information. This edition’s entire series of meeting has been outlined with the support of a scientific committee made of prominent experts who will follow us during the meetings. Clicking on the link below you can find all information on members of scientific committee, on the associations and organizations in the technical-operative committee, which includes also Pianoterra, and on the complete program of meetings. We recommend in particular the meeting of April 20th, 2016, on “False myths on childbirth: commonplaces that harm both mother and baby”, chaired by Flaminia Trapani, scientific director of Pianoterra.

Mondo Donna 2015-2016