Pianoterra collaborates with the Clinic Department “à Françoise Dolto” to a cycle of seminars dedicated to children, teenagers and their families

27 Novembre 2015

The Clinic Department “à Françoise Dolto” invites you to the inauguration of a cycle of seminars dedicated to the theme: “Psychoanalysts in the City of Children, Teenagers and Families. Prevention, Education and Care after Freud, Lacan and Dolto”. Pianoterra collaborates to the program of seminars, together with the Cultural Association of Pediatricians (ACP). On Saturday, December 12th, 2015 a general presentation will see the participation of different specialists, among whom Flaminia Trapani, Pianoterra’s scientific supervisor. The event is free, but a registration is required. Please, write an email with your details to: info@centroclinicoespressione.it.


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